Christmas hangings

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Make your Christmas tree look well done up with these Christmas hangings.

Item code - CS5100

Item code - CS5001

Item code - CS5002

Item code - CS5003

Item code - CS5004

Item code - CS5008

Item code - CS5110


 Christmas Tree hangings (Butterflies)

Item code - CS101a, b, c, d.

Item code - CS102a (Star), b (Heart), c (Cross), d (Bell), e (Tree), f (Shoe)

Item code - CS103a (Cross), b (Star), c (Tree), d (Heart), e (Stocking)

Item code - CS104a (Heart), b (Star), c (Bell), d (Cross), e (Tree), f  (Stocking)

Item code - CS105a (Star), b (Butterfly), c (Heart), d (Bell), e (Tree).

Item code - CS106a (Tree), b (Star), c (Stocking), d (Heart), e (Cross), f  (Heart).

Item code - CS107a (Tree), b (Heart), c (Star), d (Stocking), e (Bell).

Item code - CS108a, b (Stockings), c (Tree), d (Star), e (Bell).

Christmas Tree Ornaments Butterflies

Item code - CS109a, b, c, d (Embroidered), e (Beaded), f (Embroidered).

Christmas Ornaments - Hearts

Item code - CS110a, b, c, d, e, f.

Christmas Tree Ornaments - Stars

Item code - CS111a, b, c, d, e, f.

Christmas Tree Ornaments - In Shape of Birds

Item code - CS112a, b, c, d, e, f.

Item code - CS114a, b, c (Elephant), d, e, f.


Item code - CS115a, b

c, d, e, f  (Star fish)

Item Code - CS116a, b, c (Fish), d, e, f.

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